A little history

From wherever you find yourself standing on the High Street in Kilkenny, a few minutes’ walk will get you to the most famous of all the city slips, the Butterslip Lane and to Petronella Restaurant. 

Over four hundred years ago horse drawn carriages trundled down this narrow thoroughfare.  The charming slip with its pretty name is steeped in history and worn with footfall.  Duck under the archway and situated just on the right is Petronella, a restaurant which has become a regular for those who have discovered her.

Petronella restaurant enjoys every opportunity to dip into the archives on her namesake Petronella de Meath’s remarkable contribution to history as the first woman in Europe to be burnt at the stake for witchcraft.   Completing the mind’s eye vista of a woman who was sorely wronged is the site just around the corner where Petronella met her death at the hands of the townspeople, on the 3rd of November 1324, while her mistress Alice Kyteler made good her escape to England leaving four poisoned husbands in her wake. 

Dining with Petronella

Situated over two floors, a specially commissioned painting of Petronella by local Kilkenny artist Brock Butler hangs in the stairwell.  Regardless of season, taste or time on your hands, the restaurant aims to take care of its diners.  Original stone walls and overhead oak beams dating from 1603 pay effortless tribute to history and tales of wicked medieval tortures ensure that Petronella is at all times front and centre stage. 

Petronella is a showgirl and is guaranteed the nightly company of many showpeople who dine on both floors. Petronella is urban and after hundreds of years lives just doors away from the house of her Mistress Alice Kytler on Kieran Street.  Petronella likes her name above the door.  Centuries later she showcases the city she knew. 

Butterslip photograph by Frank Kavanagh Photography

Petronella at your service

Petronella prides itself on its collective dining experience.  Diners are also encouraged to celebrate the smallest to the biggest events.  The owner’s personal touch and experience in both restaurant and tourism down through the years continues to refine what is best about what the restaurant has to offer.  The European-Irish menu draw on the chefs’ wealth of experience together with their creativity in responding to the most demanding palates.  Customers return again and again for individual dishes and range of options.  Our waiting team’s welcoming and warm approach remains with diners throughout their visit.  

Special events at Petronella

Petronella has hosted music events with some of Ireland’s best-known musicians, all of whom have played to a full house.  Tickets which include a preshow dinner sell out quickly.  Mundy, Declan O’ Rourke and Mary Coughlan have all played at Petronella.